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"Our business is about people, their everyday lives and about creating a difference!

People who have inspired us to excel, people who are contributing in transforming this world and people who are consumers of this excellence brought to the world. Technologies of the day and those which are forthcoming, are and will be changing the way we interact, conduct business, socialize, earn a living, take care of loved ones and progress in life, in general.

The amazing tendency of humans to adapt and excel at changing paradigms is what amazes us and with this inspiration we have created a platform to spearhead this evolution. MCC is a platform for people. People who are professionals, who are dreamers and creators, who believe in creating a better world, who are willing to cross the horizons, who believe in perfection, who think of the future, who represent evolution of life and foremost, people who are the cue for our work, those who provide us with atypical challenges.

Our strength is in understanding the complexities of a given problem, be it a process, a business or just an idea. We pride in putting our team through the paces to break down an anomaly and bring to life its solution, its implementation and servicing its continued life cycle."

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We bring to the region, solution and product partners that are global leaders in design, development, manufacturing, customization and integration of products and solutions for the industrial market.